The QVHPC has had two successful horse pull competitions.  The weather was perfect for the pull in Weyburn and again in Ogema.    Here are the names of the teams that placed first.  You can find the complete list of names, weight and distances in the Competition Results section .

Weyburn - Light weight - Wayne Nagy; Middle weight - Bob Piesinger; Heavy weight - Norman Vertefeuille.

Ogema -   Light weight - Wayne Nagy; Middle weight - Randy Banga;  Heavy weight - Norman Vertefeuille.

The photos from the Weyburn pull will be posted by the end of the week.  If you have photos from any of the horse pulls this year send them in and they may be added to the Photo Gallery.  Please include your name and identify which competition they were taken at.  Send them to

The teams and teamster are heading to Wood Mountain this weekend July 12 & 13th for a two day competition.  Hope to see you there.  They pull at 2:30 on Saturday and 9:00 Sunday morning.  Here is the complete schedule.