A huge thank you to the Banga family and the Stockholm Ball Park Committee for the great day on Saturday.  It started off with a fantastic breakfast.  Ball games followed.  Sarah Molnar was the pitcher and Bob Piesinger played left field for one of the teams.

Prior to the horse pull competition, a Sponsor auction was held.  All the teams (13) were auctioned off with proceeds going to the Macdonald School play ground.  Bidding was very intense at times.

If you were in the crowd, you missed a great competition.  The middle weight teams pulled 10,000lbs.  They certainly earned their oats this pull.  The winners were :
Ryan Ewen light weight
Ron Sebastian middle weight
Ron Sebastian heavy weight
Class of the class Wayne Nagy, Earl Kashmere, King and Queen.

Unfortunately it rained Saturday night and Sunday morning, cancelling the fun horse pull that was to be held.  The plan was to hold a horse pull competiton using only one horse.  Could have be interesting.  Now we hope this is in the plans for next year.

Photos will be up soon.