The horse pull at the Tisdale Rambler Rodeo was a great success.  Eleven teams were on hand to impress the crowd.  Thank you to the members of the SDHPA for organizing the competition.  Here are the results

Light weight --  1st    Gary L'Henalf   pulling 8500 lbs   53 inches
                        2nd   Rick Byrne      pulling 8500 lbs   19 inches

Middle weight -- 1st    Gary L'Henalf      pulling 8000 lbs   14 feet
                        2nd    Lyle Neufeld      pulling 8000 lbs     5 inches
                        3rd     Ken Schriner     pulling 7000 lbs    128 inches
                         4th     Laverne Friesen pulling 7000 lbs = stepped over line at 7500

Heavy weight     1st   Wayne Nagy     pulling 8000 lbs
                        2nd  Bob Piesinger    pulling 7500 lbs

Result will be posted in Competition results