I wasn’t in Whitewood for the pull on August 12th so I only know what I was told.  The trailers were rolling east down the highway pretty early, I know as I was headed west pretty early and they went by me.

The club welcomed another new member and maybe two.  Randy Banga who has been evener person for Wayne Nagy entered his own team in Whitewood.  For their first outing they did really well.  There is a lot of difference between pulling wagons and sleighs to pulling blocks of cement or shingles!  Setting the evener for Randy was his son Blair.  We have a photo thanks to Michelle Banga of this black Percheron team of Kate & Karen.  Randy and Blair come with their very own cheering section.  Sounds really good.  The other teamsters should see if they can get their own.  Bet all the teams would pull harder.  But remember not to cheer and holler til the team is completely unhooked from the boat.

 Six teamsters and eight teams entered the arena.  In the light weight were Kim Hewalo (Bob) with Nick & JR; Rick Byrne (Darcy) with Scotty & Sonny; and Wayne Nagy (Randy) with Kernel & Clyde.  Middle weight had Randy Banga (Blair) with Katie & Karen; Wayne Nagy (Randy) with King & Queen; and Norman Vertefeuille (Kim) with Kon & Nip.  Two teams in heavy weight class were Bob Piesinger (Kim) with Mick & Rock and Rick Byrne (Darcy) with Bill & Prince.

The following were in the winner’s circle at the end of the competition.  1st place in the light weight went to Kim and Bob (Nick & JR); 1st place in the middle weight went to Norman and Kim (Kon & Nip); 1st place in the heavy weight went to Rick & Darcy(Bill & Prince).  All the horses pulled well.  I will see if I can get weight and measurements.

 The next pull is the one that takes place at Jack Grad’s Harvest Day.  Other years Jack has presented the winners with very nice plaques.  Come out September 1st  and see what he has for the winners this year.