The following teamsters attended the Nokomis pull -- Jack Grad with Rubin and BlackJack pulling in the middle weight.; Norman Vertefeuille with Kon & Ned pulling the heavy weight division; Rick Byrne with Sonny & Scotty pulling in the middle weight and Bill and Prince pulling in the heavy weight division; Ron Sebastian had Buster & Fritz in the light weight & Red and Cap in the middle weight.  Finishing the entrees was Wayne Nagy with Kernel & Clyde in the light weight and King & Queen in the middle weight.  Evener people were:  Dillon, Doug, Earl, Randy & Ryan.   The judge for the day was Gerald Hendry.  Announcer was Anne Hobman, who did an excellent job.  I’m working on getting the names of the people who helped with the lines, pin and weight. If you know who they were, please let me know. The ground became hard and slippery quite quickly.  If you were cleated up you had the advantage.  At the end, the following were victorious  -   Ron & Ryan Sebastian in the light weight; Ron & Ryan Sebastian in the middle weight & Norman Vertefeuille & Earl in the heavy weight pulling.  If you would like to be part of the pull without the commitment of having a team, holders are always welcome.



Preserving Our Draft Horse Heritage

   By Moving Forward

One Load At A Time”

R. Sebastian