Each year we remember and thank all the men and women who gave so much for us.   Poppies are bought, names are read out at services. They weren’t alone.  Many animals also gave their lives during the war.  Horses and dogs, maybe other we will never know about.  The pulling horse standing in your barn may have had a relative long ago who pulled a young soldier to a medical tent in time for a life to be saved, in turn allowing a solider to return home to his family.  Or maybe a draft horse or horses carried medical supplies or food.  The Unsung Heroes.  I remembered reading about a little mare that was recognized for her part in the war, written in the Cowboys and Indians magazine.  Warning – could bring tears to your eyes!   I know that if more research was done, more names of animals would appear that served in the wars and received little recognition.  So, as you stand for the minutes of silence on November 11th, remember ALL the heroes.


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