Saturday July 6 it was drizzling when we left home.  Came out from breakfast it was pouring rain.  Arrived in Ogema the sun was shining and it stayed with us all day.  In my books it was a perfect day.  Thanks to Brad Dunn, president of the Agricultural Society, for requesting such a great day.  7 teams paraded around the arena.  Here are the final results -

Rick Byrne - 1st in the light weight
Kim Hewal - 1st in the middle weight
Wayne Nagy and Bob Piesinger each pulled 7000 lbs. (all the weight that was available).

Thank you ALL the sponsors that helped make the pull happen.  Thank you also to Shiny for announcing,  Brad for being the pin man; and Rob, Leon and Mervin - lines men and helping to load the weight and the tractor operator, I didn't get his name.   Without these people, we wouldn't have had a horse pull.

I was be placing the score sheet in Competition Results.