The last newsletter of the year has been added to the website.  If you receive Show Trail you will already have read it.

You may know this but I will be reminding you thru 2013.  The dates for Agribition have been changed.  In 2013 Agribition will run November 11 to November 16th.  Please update you calendars and reserve accommodation if needed.

If you have been reading "Setting the Evener", the Newsletter or viewing the photos in the gallery, please let us know what you think of our webpage.  Does it need improvement?  You enjoy it as it is?  It is a waste of time!  From this side of the screen, it would be nice to know who is reading our website and where you are reading it from?  If you'd like to share!   

Comments, criticism or complaints are encouraged.  Please add them to the "Comments" section of the Website or e-mail them to  

Til next time