As I write it is snowing out.  Snowing!!!  Way to early.  On our walk this morning the boys and I encountered out resident winter owl.  So I guess he know more then us.  He shows up in our pasture this time every year and stays the winter.

Congratulations go out to Wayne and Lorna who are  grandparents.  Daughter Stephanie (and Darryl) gave birth to a daughter Thursday (26th) AM.  All are doing well!

The QVHPC held their general meeting on Sunday October 14th.  Gail and Bob Piesinger were hosts for this gathering.  I was told it was a good meeting.  Before I tell you who the executives are, I will tell you what I learnt.  I thought that if I became a member of the club, and came up with a really good idea, I could go to the meeting, present my idea and vote   WRONG.  To be able to vote on my really good idea, I must compete at least three competitions during the year.  I guess rule books are made to be read!!!  For the 2012-2013 year  the QVHPC executives are :

                                        President Norman Vertefeuille
                                        Vice President Bob Piesinger
                                        2nd Vice President Ron Sebastian
                                       Treasurer Richard Byrne
                                        Safety Committee Randy Banga,
                                         Kim Hewalo and Wayne Nagy
Congratulations to all

Teams and teamsters are busy preparing for two upcoming competitions.  Yorkton's Harvest Hoedown is hosting the QVHPC on November 6th and 7th.  At the moment I don't have any times but will post them as soon as I know them. November 21 is Agribition.  The final pull of the year so be sure you come out and watch.  The time of the pulls have been changed, they are as follows:
                                                    Light& Middle Weight    10:30  November 21, 2012
                                                    Heavy Weight                  2:30 November 21, 2012.

Also remember the Horse Pull Sponsor Auction is November 20th and it takes place in the Stadium during the Winners Circle at 7:00pm.  Bring your money and buy (sponsor) a team and go home and tell your family you just bought a team of horses weighing 4200 pounds.  Have your camera ready to capture their expressions!

Remember if you have anything you would like to share with the horse pulling community, sent it to and I will include it in "Setting the Evener"

Til next time.