If you missed the horse pull at Duval, you missed some good entertainment.  13 teams competed and the rain held off until the pull was over and the horses unharnessed.   Here are the top placings in each class.  I have put a complete list in the "Competition Results" section.  It has all the information.  It is an Excel file.  Please let me know if this isn't a good format to use.  I'm assuming everyone can open this type of file but I may be wrong.  FYI -- Carnduff horse pull starts at 2:00pm July 1

Light Weight
1st  place --  Rick Bryne     11000 14 ft.
2nd place --  Ryan Ewen     11000   130 "
3rd  place --  Wayne Nagy    9000 14 ft.

Middle Weight
1st  place --  Kim Hewalo   13000  54"
2nd place --  Randy Banga 13000  24"
3rd  place --  Jack Grad       9000  88"

Heavy Weight
1st  place --  Ron Sebastian  13000  14 ft.
2nd place --  Norman Vertefeuille  13000  26"
3rd  place -- Brain Martin         13000  15"

Thank you to the following .....

Bill Mustatia  - Judge
Wade Ewen  - Pin Man
Lines Women    - Peggy Gwillim
                          Donna Byrne
Cheryl Hubick - Keeping track of weights and distances
Jeff Jones - who did a great job announcing.

The Sponsors - Without you, we wouldn't have had a horse pull competition

Bayer Crop Science                Craswell Seeds
Dale & Jane Campbell             Duval Optimists
Hanmer Seeds                        Hubick's Plumbing and Heating
KNL Construction                    Mortenson's Construction
Rainy Day Eaves Troughing      Strasbourg Agencies
Strasbourg Pharmacy              Strasborug Dental Office

Prizes supplies by
SUDS Car Cleaning
Raymore New Holland
Strasbourg Decorating
Royal Bank Strasbourg
Affinity Credit Union-Strasbourg

Photos will be posted in the Gallery soon.

For those inquiring minds out there I just received word that the horse pull competition in Calgary is a go. 

Til next time