I have the placings for the horse pull which was in Edmonton yesterday.  Thank you Norman.  He didn't know the weight and distance but said he'd find out.  First place in the light weight - The Sebastian team of Ron, Ryan, Fritz & Buster.  Congratulations.  First place in the middle weight - Stan Grad & Randy Dodge, Randy doing the driving.  Second place in the middle weight - The Sebastian team of Ron, Ryan Cap & Red.  Congratulations again.  First place in the heavy weight - Stan Grad & Randy Dodge, Randy doing the driving.   I will post more information when I have it.  I imagine the Sebastians will have much better drive home than up.  We hope!

Yorkton Harvest Hoedown horse pull is this Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 7th & 8th at 5:00pm.  The teamsters you will see are - Bob Piesinger, Randy Banga, Wayne Nagy, Kim Hewalo, Norman Vertefeuille, Rick Byrne and Laverne Friesen.  If there are more, I haven't been given their names. If you are in the area, get out and cheer the teams on.  This is the last pull before Agribition.

Norman Vertefeuille has an extra mouth to feed in his barn.  His Donkey, not sure of her name - probably just Donkey blessed him with a baby jack last week.  I'm told he isn't much bigger than Norman's dog Ace.  Hopefully I will have some photos to post soon.  The job of picking a name for Baby Jack, has been assigned to the Grandchildren.

I will let you know what happens in Yorkton as soon as I know.  It is a total weight and distance over the two days.  If any one watching has photos and would like to share, please send them to   QVHPC@yahoo.ca   and I will put them in the gallery.

Til Next Time