The horse pull competition at Hudson Bay has come and gone.  It was a great success.  Mother Nature dropped a bit of rain but only at times when it didn't interfere with the pull.  Eleven teams were in the arena.  Three teamsters and four teams from the QVHPC.

Thank you to the score keeper for sending me the results.  Memories are good but sometimes can be a bit faded.  If someone has photos they'd like to share, please contact the club's website.

Day 1 - June 8, 2013

Light Weight                 1st  Rick Byrne              4800lbs    56 inches
                                        2nd Wayne Nagy          4200lbs

Middle Weight              1st Laverne Friesen     5400lbs   14ft
                                        2nd Lyle Neufeld          5400lbs    48 inches
                                        3rd  Ken Schriener

Heavy Weight                1st Bob Piesinger        5400lbs    14ft
                                         2nd Earl Harmon         5400lbs   118 inches 
                                         3rd Wayne Nagy           5400lbs     94 inces

Day 2 - June 9, 2013

Light Weight                1st Wayne Nagy            4900lbs
                                       2nd Rick Byrne

Middle Weight            1st Laverne Friesen      5500lbs     14ft
                                      2nd Lyle Neufeld           5500lbs      21 inches
                                      3rd Ken Schriener

Heavy Weight            1st Earl Harmon            6700lbs   14ft
                                     2nd  Wayne Nagy            6700lbs    133 inches
                                      3rd Bob Piesinger           6700lbs    48 inches

At the end of the day, bragging rights went to --- 1st place Light Weight ** Wayne Nagy 1st place Middle Weight ** Laverne Friesen; and 1st place Heavy Weight ** Earl Harmon.  Congratulations to All.

Remember Duval horse pull is thirteen days from today.

Til next time.