Canada Day at Carnduff was just great.  A little warm, a little breeze, a little dust and a BIG horse pull competition.  Twelve teams paraded in the area at post time.  Eleven from the QVHPC and 1 visiting team from Killarney MB.  And a huge crowd to watch.  There were some friends there from my team penning days.  Good to see them.

When the dust cleared, these were the three teams to collect prizes:

Ryan Ewen - Light Weight - pulling 6500 lbs
Ron Sebastian - Middle Weight - pulling 8500 lbs
Wayne Nagy - Heavy Weight - pulling 8500 lbs.
Congratulations to all the teams.

Thank you goes out to the following --
-The Organizers of the competition
-Mel Paton - Judge
-Layne Douglas - Announcer
-Pin Man - Mason Tourand
-Lines Man - Mason Tourand
-Barrett Paton and Ty Paton - who were kept busy adding the shingles for weight.

The complete list of placing has been place in the Competition Results in the form of two word files.

Remember tomorrow - July 3, the club pulls in Weyburn at 12:00 and July 6 they are in Ogema at 2:00.  After these two pulls they leave for Calgary.

I will add the photos as soon as I can.  Three pulls are going to keep me busy for awhile.

Til next time.