If you are planning to go to Agribition 2012, here are the teamsters you will see at the horse pulls.  I wasn't given the names of the teams or the evener people.  You will have to attend to find those out, or wait for the results.  Take a friend and some money and have fun with a few friendly wagers!  Never know you might walk out a bit richer!

Remember the auction held Tuesday night.  Wouldn't one of the following teams look smashing wearing your name on their sides as they proudly parade around the arena?

Eighteen teams were entered but three had to cancel.  Here are the remaining competitors in their respective divisions:

Light weight  ---  Rick Byrne, Ryan Ewen and Ron Sebastian

Middle weight --- Ryan Ewen, Paul Garey, Kim Hewalo, Laverne Friesen and Ron Sebastian

Heavy weight --- Randy Banga, Leonard Carfantan, Laverne Friesen, Hank Garey, Wayne Nagy, Bob Piesinger                         and  Norman Vertefeuille

If you are at Agribition and the horse pulls, please come up and say Hi.

Til next time