Woke Saturday morning  August 11th, to rain.  Came out from breakfast to rain.  Arrived in Findlater……….. and found a gorgeous day happening and it stayed that way all day.  Sun was out and there was a slight breeze.  Perfect for a horse pull competition and ranch rodeo.  Not sure how the organizers in Findlater manage to get such beautiful days but hope they keep it up.

9 teams and 7 teamsters lined up to impress the crowd.  More people watching this year as the rodeo committee added more bleachers.  The competitors were  Rick Byrne (Dillon and Ryan) with Scotty & Sunny in the light weight and Prince & Bill in the heavy weight;  Ryan Ewen (B.J.) in the heavy weight and I need to get the names of his horses;  Jack Grad (Todd )with Rubin & BlackJack in the middle weight;  Kim Hewalo (Rick) with Nick & JR in the middle weight;  Wayne Nagy  (Randy) with King & Queen in the middle weight; Ron Sebastin (Ryan) with Fritz & Buster in the light weight and Cap & Red in the middle weight; and Norman Vertefeuille (Earl) with Kon & Ned in the heavy weight.

Everyone had a good and safe pull.  Dillion did a bit of body sand surfing when Prince and Bill thought the pull was over and started for the gate.  Everyone was fine just a bit dusty.  At the conclusion  *** Fritz, Buster, Ron and Ryan won the light weight; Cap, Red, Ron & Ryan won the middle weight and Kon, Ned, Norman and Earl won the heavy weight.  Congrats to all.

As with all the other pulls, this one wouldn’t have happened or happened so well without the help of the following people and we say a very big “Thank You” to them.  Shirley Vertefeuille who keeps score and helps the announcer.  Shirley keeps track of the teams and weight at most of the pulls the club attends.  When I was listing the people who helps in Nokomis I failed to mention her.  I apologized to her in Findlater and told her I wouldn’t forget again.   Gerald Hendry must have done a good job in Nokomis as he was asked to judge Findlater.   Donnie Peacock was announcing; Jack Laturinas was pin man; Theresa Bunga and Mason Zinn were lines people.  I found out who the great helpers in Nokomis were.  They were –Shawn Edwards was pin man; lines people were Dave & Nola Jacklin.  Wes Kirk was adding the weight.  Thank you to all.

There was a trail gate gathering afterward where people visited and told tall tales.  Some may have been true but it was hard to tell.  There was the usual discussion of buying and selling horse; best way to prepare for a pull – normal stuff you’d hear at a gather of teamsters  The horses had been watered and feed and were standing peacefully by the trailers. Goodbyes were said later and everyone had a safe trip home.