Happy New Year to all – first entry for 2013.  I hope everyone had a good holiday season, enjoyed the wind and snow!  And now are ready to look forward to a fantastic pulling season.   I’m told there will be some new faces joining the club this year , equine and human!  So -------- mark your calendars with the following dates.  Please remember, all kinds of things can occur to change plans.  Before you pack a awesome lunch, load up the vehicle and head out for a horse pull competition, check the schedule on the club’s website for any changes.and I will enter them in Setting the Evener, also, as soon as an are made known to me.

            June 22, 2013             Duval

            July 3, 2013                Weyburn          12:00pm

            July 6, 2013                Ogema

            July 12-14, 2013          Calgary Stampede

            July 27-28, 2013          Swan River                   Two Day combined pull

            August 3, 2013            Nokomis

            August 10, 2013           Findlater Ranch Rodeo

            August 11, 2013            Whitewood        4:00pm

            September 7, 2013       Harvest Bee at Jack Grad’s

            November                    Yorkton

            November                    Edmonton

            November                    Canadian Western Agribition

                                                 Ogema is pending

From this line up you can see the season will be a busy one.  Hope to meet you there!

Enjoying the winter season with horses.  Couldn't get any better than this!   

Til next time