Agribition 2012 Horse pull competition is in the history books.  If you missed the actual competitions you missed some really great pulls.  There were no runaway wins.  They were all close and all earned.  Here are the standings at the end of the day.  I will try and have the photos up no later than Monday.  They aren’t as good as other years, as due to security I wasn’t allowed in the arena.  Did my best.

Light weight

  • 1st Ron Sebastian, Ryan Sebastian setting the evener,  Buster and Chris pulling 8000lbs 14ft
  • 2nd  Rick Byrne, Bob Piesinger setting the evener, Scotty and Sonny pulling 8000lbs  151”
  • 3rd Ryan Ewen, Kris Ewen setting the evener, Marty and Max puling 7500lbs 93”

Middle weight

  • 1st  Paul Geray (Hillsboro ND), Bob Tabott setting the evener,  Don and Frank pulling 9000lbs 14ft
  • 2nd  Kim Hewalo, Earl Kashmere setting the evener, Max and Nic pulling 9000 116”
  • 3rd  Laverne Friesen, Name unknown setting the evener,  Doll and Flicka pulling 8500 144”
  • 4th Ron Sebastian, Ryan Sebastian setting the evener, Cap and Red pulling 8000 14th,
  •      (Ron stepped over the line pulling 8500lbs so went back to the previous completed pull)
  • 5th  Ryan Ewen, Ryan Sebastian setting the evener,   Rock and Rusty pulling 7500 16”

Heavy weight

  • 1st  Wayne Nagy, Earl Kashmere setting the evener, King and Queen pulling 9000 14ft
  • 2nd.  Norman Vertefeuille, Kelly Ross setting the evener, Ned and Star pulling 9000 98”
  • 3rd  Laverne Friesen, Name unknown, setting the evener, King and Prince pulling 8500 142”
  • 4th Bob Piesinger, Kim Hewalo setting the evener, Mick and Rod pulling 8500 96”
  • 5th  Hank Geray (Hillsboro, ND), Paul Geray setting the evener, Ben and Colby pulling 8500 59”
  • 6th  Randy Banga, Blair Banga setting the evener, Karen and Katie pulling 8500 43”
  • 7th Leonard Carfantan (Youngtown AB), Alan Carfantan setting the evener, Luke and Skip pulling 7500 72”

 A completed pull is 14 feet

Congratulations to all the pullers.  Once again it was a safe and very entertaining competition.  Thank you also to all the sponsors that bought the teams at the auction on Tuesday.

Wishing all a safe trip home in our wonderful Saskatchewan Agribition weather!

Til next time.