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September October 2012

The pulling season for the Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club has been great.  Fine weather  for all of the pulls.  To date the teams and their human counter parts have clocked up a total of approximately 3853kms.  That is almost equivalent to a return trip to Elko Nevada, where the cowboy poets meet.  Almost 40 hours of driving and being hauled.

Duval was the opening pull for the club.  Seven teamsters registered for the competition.  A well -attended  audience gathered to watch.  The club welcomed a new member at the meet.  Ryan Ewen has join the club.  The winners were : Light weight – Ron Sebastian; Middle weight Wayne Nagy;  Heavy weight – Norman Vertefeuille.

Amid jumping moose, flying barbeques and people in red and white hats, the club members celebrated the lst of July in Carnduff.  Seven teams put on a show in the arena, which was well attended.  The teams that received new halters belonged to:  1st place in the light weight – Rick Bryne; 1st place in the middle weight – Kim Hewalo; 1st place in the heavy weight – Wayne Nagy.

                Mid week the trailers pulled into Weyburn to entertain the folks in the grandstand at Weyburn’s Exhibition.  Eight teams lined up for their turn at moving the boat.  One of the teamster’s wasn’t sure if he had a pulling horse or a dancing horse that ran away from the circus.  The skill used to keep the four feet on the ground was impressive.  You never know what you will see at a horse pull.  Placings were as follows.  Ron Sebastian  1st in the light weight; Dave Strutt  1st in the middle weight.   Dave and his wife who set evener for him are from BC.  They attended three of the clubs competition before stopping at the Calgary Stampede on the way home.  Ron Sebastian 1st in the heavy weight.

Brad Dunn president of the Ogema Agricultural Society, put together a great pull for the club in Ogema, which was celebrating it’s 100th birthday.  Six teams pulled in front of packed bleachers.  It was a warm day and the teams were hot, which resulted in heavy competition.  The one to prevail were – Rick Byrne 1st in the light weight; Dave Strutt 1st in the middle weight and Bob Piesinger 1st in the heavy weight.  Ogema was a prelude to the Calgary Stampede which was also celebrating 100 year.

                 Five teamsters and eight teams travelled to Calgary in 90 degree weather.  When asked about a typical day in Calgary I was told – the day starts about 6:00AM; you water horses; feed horses; clean stalls; water horses; talk to the public; exercise horses; water horses; feed horses; then if it is a competition day the harnessing starts mid afternoon.  After a pull the horses are praised for a job well done; watered and fed then put away for the night.  I think there is time between the chores for a bit of visiting and sightseeing!  Whatever order these duties follow, the wellbeing of these wonderful animals is always put first.  All the teams attending put on a great show.   Out of all the teamsters entering the ring, being introduced to the very large crowd watching, only two acknowledge the applause of the crowd by tipping their hats.  These were two of the Saskatchewan teamster.  Be proud Saskatchewan.

Kim Hewalo and Bob Piesinger, Kim’s evener person won the prestigious Class of the Class award for the light weight division.  Ricky Byrne and Darcy Kunz, Rick’s evener person won the Class of the Class award for the heavy weight division. Congratulations!

No sooner did the trailers returned home , when  six teams packed up and head to Brandon for the National Belgian Congress.  The results from this competition will be posted on the club’s website.

Swan River invited the club to pull at the North West Round up and Exhibition.  It was a two day event with number combined to declare a winner in each weight division.  Ron Sebastian won 1st in the light weight and middle weight division.  Rick Byrne won 1st in the heavy weight.  Ron Sebastian’s light weight team won “pound over” for the two days .  Ryan Ewen won Class of the Class for the competition.  He demonstrated what an excellent teamster he is.               The club would like to thank Gary and all the sponsors for pulling on an excellent pull and for the royal treatment the teamsters received.

                                                In August the club pulls in Findlater; September at Jack Grad’s Harvest Bee.  October is an off month.  November has two pulls  - Yorkton and Agribition.

Thank you goes out to Stephanie Snell whose job it was to maintain the club’s website.  The task has been turned over to me and I hope I can keep up the excellent standard.  Links will be put on the website for photos from the Calgary Stampede and the National Belgian Congress in Brandon.  You will see some great shots of the teams and teamsters doing what they do best.                         

Remember to check the club’s website for competition results; and photos from the completions.  News, links, schedules , photos and results are posted on the club’s website    http://qvhpc.yolasite.com. 

To book the club for your next event or if you would like information about the club, please contact Norman Vertefeuille @ 306-731-3108 or e-mail QVHPC@yahoo.ca.


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2011 Agribition Results


1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 8,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)

2nd - Brain Martin & Dale Scrochenski 8,500 lbs - 154”
3rd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 8,500 lbs - 91”
4th - Kim Hewalo & Earl Kashmere 7,000 lbs - 47”
5th - Brad Dunn & Dave Lockert 4,000 lbs - 14”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 9,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 9,500 lbs - 114”
3rd - Wayne Nagy & Randy Banga 9,500 lbs - 55”
4th - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 9,000 lbs - 16”
5th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 8,000 lbs - 98”
6th - Larry Klein & Kelly Ross 7,000 lbs - 25”
7th - Paul Geray & Bob Tabatt 6,500 lbs - 73”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 10,000 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 10,000 lbs - 18”
3rd - Hank Geray & Paul Geray 9,000 lbs - 160”
4th - Bob Piesinger & Trevor Kolb 9,000 lbs - 158”
5th - Dave Stutt & Cindy Stutt 8,000 lbs - 42”
6th -
Leonard Carfantan  7,500 lbs - 35”
7th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 6,500 lbs - 168”  **

**Laverne Friesen hooked to 7,500 lbs but stepped over the line, so goes back to previous pull

Click here to for Agribition photos

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