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November December 2012


2012 is fast coming to an end very fast.  It was a very good year for the QVHPC.  All pulls went on as scheduled.  No cancellations due to rain, I think the sun shone for almost all the pull.   The safety record remains tarnish free.  A bit of excitement at some of the pulls, sometimes enough to raise the heart rate, but once again the expertise of the teamsters was demonstrated and no harm came to horses or human.  Well done

Three competitions will be happening in November.  Yorkton –6  & 7,  Edmonton –unknown and Agribition November 21.  Please check the club’s website to verify dates and times in event of a change. http://qvhpc.yolasite.com

The QVHPC welcomed two new members this year.  Ryan Ewen and Randy Banga have now joined the elite group of teamsters of the QVHPC.  Automatically when you have new members, that adds to the number of people cheering at the pulls -- once the teams are unhooked and everyone is in a safe position.  Also more people come out to see how the “new kid on the block” performs.

In previous issues we’ve thanked sponsors, announcers, judges and other people that help to make a competition happened.  One person that works tirelessly at most of the pulls is Shirley Vertefeuille.  Shirley records the names and weight of teams, the teamsters and names of the evener people before the pulls.  Then more often than not, she then heads over to the announcer of the day and helps him with names and rules – whatever he needs to know to entertain the crowds.  And she has done this for years.  Shirley – thank you for helping to make the QVHPC shine!

The members of the QVHPC not only provide entertainment in the form of horse pull competitions, the teamsters also take their teams to other gatherings and equine functions, or exhibit their driving skills with other teams.  Ron Sebastian with Ryan riding shotgun, drove the Lieutenants Governor’s landau, with dignitaries on board, for its final run.  Wayne Nagy, Randy Banga and Blair Banga took part in the Motherwell Homestead’s Super Horse competition.   Beware – the teams and teamsters may turn up where you least expect them.  But – if you see them, expect a good show!

 The results from the competition in Findlater-- August 11 are --Fritz, Buster, Ron and Ryan won the light weight;  Cap, Red, Ron & Ryan won the middle weight and Kon, Ned, Norman and Earl won the heavy weigh.  In Whitewood -- August 12  winners were - 1st place in the light weight went to Kim and Bob (Nick & JR); 1st place in the middle weight went to Norman and Kim (Kon & Nip); 1st place in the heavy weight went to Rick & Darcy(Bill & Prince).

Jack Grad’s Harvest day was a great success.  Once again, the weather was very cooperative and many people took full advantage.  I heard that the attendance was up from the last time.  The QVHPC provided the entertainment before supper.  I think this is so the crowd works up an appetite cheering them on.  The winners of the day and a plaque presented by Jack himself were --Kim Hewalo won the Light Weight; Randy Banga won the Middle Weight and Norman Vertefeuille won the Heavy Weight.

 As in former years, we say goodbye to you and 2012 with a message from the President –

-“Another summer has gone by for the Qu’Appelle Valley Club, the last competitions, Yorkton, Edmonton & Agribition, will complete the pulling season for the year.  2012 pulling season will be history.

I would like to thank all the Pullers and Helpers that made a big effort to make sure we had enough teams to put on a good show for the spectators.  A big thank you to all the Sponsors.  Without you a competitive pull wouldn’t be possible.

I would also like to thank Wilma Olmsted for the photos, the write-up she submits to Show Trail on behalf of the Club and now Webmaster.  Also to the QVHPC’s  former Webmaster, Stephanie Snell.  Thank you Wilma & Stephanie.

 We look forward to seeing you in 2013.”

                                                                             Norm Vertefeuille

To book the club for your next event or if you would like information about the club, please contact Norman Vertefeuille @ 306-731-3108 or e-mail QVHPC@yahoo.ca.

 News, schedules and results are posted on the club’s website    http://qvhpc.yolasite.com


Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year

From the Members of the Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club

“Preserving Our Draft Horse Heritage

   By Moving Forward

One Load At A Time”

Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club



Contributed by

Wilma Olmsted

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2011 Agribition Results


1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 8,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)

2nd - Brain Martin & Dale Scrochenski 8,500 lbs - 154”
3rd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 8,500 lbs - 91”
4th - Kim Hewalo & Earl Kashmere 7,000 lbs - 47”
5th - Brad Dunn & Dave Lockert 4,000 lbs - 14”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 9,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 9,500 lbs - 114”
3rd - Wayne Nagy & Randy Banga 9,500 lbs - 55”
4th - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 9,000 lbs - 16”
5th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 8,000 lbs - 98”
6th - Larry Klein & Kelly Ross 7,000 lbs - 25”
7th - Paul Geray & Bob Tabatt 6,500 lbs - 73”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 10,000 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 10,000 lbs - 18”
3rd - Hank Geray & Paul Geray 9,000 lbs - 160”
4th - Bob Piesinger & Trevor Kolb 9,000 lbs - 158”
5th - Dave Stutt & Cindy Stutt 8,000 lbs - 42”
6th -
Leonard Carfantan  7,500 lbs - 35”
7th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 6,500 lbs - 168”  **

**Laverne Friesen hooked to 7,500 lbs but stepped over the line, so goes back to previous pull

Click here to for Agribition photos

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