Qu'Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club

December 2010


The bleachers are filled with people eager for the horse pull competition to begin.  The arena has been worked and the boat, loaded with the starting weight, is resting in the middle.  The teams enter and are proudly paraded around by the drivers. The teams line up and the crowd waits...and waits.  What is happening -- the drivers and teams are ready; the boat is ready - why hasn’t the pull begun?  Eyes turn to the end of the arena.

Entering the arena is the rest of the team.  The person that brings the team and boat together and is sometimes forgotten about in the main scheme of things.  Without these people there wouldn’t be a competition. The job isn’t for the weak; eveners roughly weigh between 40 & 50 pounds or more.  Good posture is almost impossible.  Imagine the pull on your arms if the horses started off thinking they had a 5000 pound weight to move and it is only you at the end.  They need to be alert at all times.  The evener person is between 3900 lbs of horse and 7500 pounds of solid weight, or more. One wrong move and they could be under the horses or the boat.  Neither would have a good outcome for them.  If something goes wrong and the teams need to be unhooked, they need to move fast in there.  There is always potential for danger.  Not only does the evener person bring the horses and boat together, they also let the driver know when he has pulled fourteen feet, the required distance.  Or how much distance is left to pull if a second attempt is required.

The Qu’Applle Valley Horse Pull Club has awesome evener people, men and women, all ages.  A few are dedicated to a team and are always there at each pull with “their” team.  They know the horses almost as well as the driver.  Others help out when needed. Sometimes these people also help with the care of the team; harnessing and transportation to and from pulls.  Regardless of the tasks asked of you, we salute you and thank you for being part of the team.  So next time you are at a competition and you meet a person that carries the eveners.  Stop and say job well done.  Like as not their arm is bit longer and back a bit sorer than a couple of hours prior.  Your show of gratitude may well be the only appreciation they receive.  Horse pulling is more than two horses and a driver. 
It is a team of four!!!!

On August 15, a Fun Day Horse Pull, with benefits going to the Diabetes Association was held at Rick Bryne’s. A very good crowd was on hand to cheer the teams on.  Afterward, Brad, along with Diesel and Ether took whoever wanted to go, on a wagon ride.  The feast later in the afternoon was enjoyed by all.  Thank you to Rick, Donna, Chris, Brad, and all the “behind the scene” people.  It was a great day.

A number of the members were at Jack Grad’s harvest been on September 4th.  The teams hooked up to machinery from days gone by and demonstrated to the crowds how the land was worked and the harvest was taken off with teams of horses.  Potatoes were even dug up!  A horse pull was put on to entertain the crowd.  Following the pull everyone moved under the tent to enjoy a wonderful supper.  Thanks to Jack and all the people that helped put on a most enjoyable day.  The sun shone all day and the wind was light.

Yorkton will host the QVHPC on November 3rd & 4th .  Agribition will wrap up the season.  This will be the last chance to cheer on your favourite horses, driver and evener person for 2010, so come and cheer loud.

As the pulling season comes to an end, the QVHPC would like to thank all the communities that invited the club to compete and thank you also, to all the sponsors who helped make the competition a success.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you in 2011.


Light weight – Ron Sebastian/Ryan; Lbs:  9500
Middle weight -  Ron Sebastian/Ryan; Lbs:  9500
Heavy weight – Norman Vertefeuille/Earl; Lbs:  10500

Light weight – Brian Schwindt/Bob; Lbs:  7000
Middle weight – Kiley Topliss/Earl; Lbs 8000
Heavy weight – Norman Vertefeuille/Earl; Lbs 8000

Light weight – Brian Schwindt/Brad; Lbs:  7500
Middle weight – Kim Hewalo/Earl; Lbs:  8500
Heavy weight – Norman Vertefeuille/Earl

Wilma Olmsted
Photos by Prairie Wind Photography

"Preserving our draft horse heritage
while going forward one pull at a time"


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