Qu'Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club

August 2010


The month of June had the Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull club wondering if they’d have to invest in some “mudders”.  Finally on Father’s Day, June 20, the sun shone on them and the pulling season began.  Radville hosted the first pull.  10 teams entered.  Duval celebrated their 100th birthday & reunion, the first weekend in July; and asked the club to put on a pull for all the people that had come for the event.  10 teams were there, to show what they could do.  Weyburn saw the next competition on July 7th, hosting 9 teams.  The weekend of July 10, the club pulled at Ogema with 10 teams.  A number of the members competed in the horse pulls at the Calgary Stampede.  Ron and Ryan Sebastian won Class of the Class.  Ron Sebastian came 3rd and 4th in the light weight division.  Rick Byrne came 4th in the heavy weight class.   Swan River MB invited the club to the Northwest Roundup & Rodeo for a two day pull.  11 teams traveled to compete there.  The month of August saw pulls at the Findlater Ranch Rodeo on August 7th; Whitewood August 14th and Roblin, MB August 22. On August 15th, Rick Byrne hosted a pull with proceeds being donated to the Canadian Diabetes Association.   September 3rd the teams will come together at the Vibank Harvest Bee.  October 3 Kamsack hosts the club.

The results are as follows:

Light Weight: Kim Hewalo - 6,500 lbs & 94 1/2"
Middle Weight: Ron Sebastian - 7,000 lbs & 129"
Heavy Weight: Kiley Topliss - 11,000 lbs & 146"

Light Weight: Ron Sebastian - 10,000 lbs & 74"
Middle Weight: Kiley Topliss - 8,500 lbs & 47"
Heavy Weight: Norm Vertefeuille - 11,500 lbs

Light Weight: Ron Sebastian - 7,000 lbs & 12"
Middle Weight: Ron Sebastian - 7,500 lbs
Heavy Weight: Norm Vertefeuille - 8,000 lbs

Light Weight: Rick Byrne - 5,000 lbs
Middle Weight: Norm Vertefeuille - 6,000 lbs
Heavy Weight: Rick Byrne & Norm Vertefeuille - 7,000 lbs

Swan River - Two day total
Light Weight: Ron Sebastian - 16,000 lbs
Middle Weight: Kiley Topliss - 16,551 lbs
Heavy Weight: Norm Vertefeuille - 18,000 lbs


If you would like to see the teams at your next community event, or you’d like to become a member of the Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull club, call Norman Vertefeuille at 306-731-3108.

Submitted by
Wilma Olmsted
Photos by Prairie Wind Photography

"Preserving our draft horse heritage
while going forward one pull at a time"


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