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March / April 2012


We begin this issue with a return to last.  In my zealous to bring you the placings for Agribition, I neglected to give the 2nd and 3rd placings for the heavy weight class.  My apologies to Norman and Hank.  In second place were Norman Vertefeuille and Earl Kashmere with Ned & Kon, pulling a weight of 10,000 lbs 18 inches.  Hank Geray and Paul Geray with Ben and Colby placed third, pulling 9000 lbs 160 inches.  Well done to all.  The complete list is on the club’s website.

The Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club held their annual general meeting on January 25th.  It was well attend by the members.  Election of offices are as follows:
  • President - Norman Vertefeuille
  •  Vice-President - Bob Piesinger
  •  Treasurer - Rick Byrne
  •  Safety Committee - Kim Hewalo, Wayne Nagy & Bob Piesinger
One new item for this year is there is to be team weigh-ins at several of the pulls.

The schedule for the coming season has been posted on the club’s website and listed in Show Trail’s coming events.  The season starts in April at Tisdale with a pull put on by the horse pull club in the North.  The QVHPC starts their season on June 23rd in Duval.  July 7th the club travels to Ogema to help celebrate its’100th birthday.  After that the weekends are pretty well booked.  A few are open, so if you are interested in sponsoring a horse pull in your community, give Norman a call.

Most eyes are on the majestic horses pulling the loads when we are watching a horse pull.  However, have you ever watched the drivers?  Pitchers, hockey players practically any sport you watch, the people participating have their own form, body language, or stance.  Teamsters are the same.  When the loads become heavier, it’s almost like the drivers are trying to help their teams with the loads.  Some bend low and forward, some almost try and push with the reins, or hold the reins higher or lower.  Others almost perform what looks to be a choreographed movement.  And all these movements are totally involuntary.  The drivers are concentrating on their teams so hard, I’m sure they have no idea the body language they are projecting.  It is like a very graceful dance.  If you were to ask the teamster about this, most would say “No I don’t do anything special, I just drive my team”.  You watch next time you are at horse pull and you’ll see how each driver has a different form and it may be different at each pull, or even with a different team.  One more ingredient to make watching horse pulling a very interesting sport!  Remember after the pulls to let teamsters and evener people know you enjoyed what you saw.  A pat on the back is always appreciated by horse or human!

As previously mentioned this is a big year for the club.  Ogema celebrates its’ 100th anniversary, as does Calgary.  To us, the spectators, this means a lot of interesting things to see.  Also, in July, Brandon is hosting the North American Belgian Championship.  Along with the horse pulls, there will be driving classes, halters classes and lots more.  This will be a great opportunity to see different colors and sizes of the Belgian breed, competing in many different classes.

A few of the members have added new faces to their stables.  Some have been in the world of horse pulling before and some are totally new to the sport.  Be sure and come out and see how the “new kids on the block” perform.  There are rumors that there may even be new members!

To book the club for your next event or if you would like information about the club, please contact Norman Vertefeuille @ 306-731-3108 or e-mail QVHPC@yahoo.ca.

Wilma Olmsted
Photos by Prairie Wind Photography

"Preserving our draft horse heritage
while going forward one pull at a time"


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2011 Agribition Results


1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 8,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)

2nd - Brain Martin & Dale Scrochenski 8,500 lbs - 154”
3rd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 8,500 lbs - 91”
4th - Kim Hewalo & Earl Kashmere 7,000 lbs - 47”
5th - Brad Dunn & Dave Lockert 4,000 lbs - 14”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 9,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 9,500 lbs - 114”
3rd - Wayne Nagy & Randy Banga 9,500 lbs - 55”
4th - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 9,000 lbs - 16”
5th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 8,000 lbs - 98”
6th - Larry Klein & Kelly Ross 7,000 lbs - 25”
7th - Paul Geray & Bob Tabatt 6,500 lbs - 73”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 10,000 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 10,000 lbs - 18”
3rd - Hank Geray & Paul Geray 9,000 lbs - 160”
4th - Bob Piesinger & Trevor Kolb 9,000 lbs - 158”
5th - Dave Stutt & Cindy Stutt 8,000 lbs - 42”
6th -
Leonard Carfantan  7,500 lbs - 35”
7th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 6,500 lbs - 168”  **

**Laverne Friesen hooked to 7,500 lbs but stepped over the line, so goes back to previous pull

Click here to for Agribition photos

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