Qu'Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club

July 2011


July is a busy month for the QVHPC.

July the 6th the members travelled to Weyburn to show their “stuff” at the Weyburn Agricultural Society Fair.  It was the Society’s 102nd.  I know none of the club members were at the first few.  It was a very hot day and the horses were hot also.  The pull went very well.  At the end of the day the standings were:  Heavy weight – Ron Sebastian;  Middle  weight - Norman Vertefeuille; Light weight Wayne Nagy.  Congratulations to the drivers, evener people and horses.

The dust had barely settled when the trailers set out for Ogema on July 9th.  It was their Annual fair and Museum Day.  Eight teams provided the entertainment for the afternoon.  The placings at the end of the day were:  Heavy weight – Norman Vertefeuille; Middle weight – Kiley Topliss; Light weight – Brad Dunn.

Seven Saskatachewan teams will be pulling at the Calgary Stampede the weekend of July 15. They are Norman Vertefeuille – heavy weight; middle weight;  Rick Byrne – Heavy weight (two teams); Wayne Nagy – Light weight; David Lockert – Light weight and Kim Hewalo – Light weight.  Good luck to you all.  The results will be posted in the next News.

Remember to check the Calendar to see when the next pull is happening.

To book the club for your next event or if you would like information about the club, please contact Norman Vertefeuille @ 306-731-3108 or e-mail QVHPC@yahoo.ca.

Wilma Olmsted
Photos by Prairie Wind Photography


"Preserving our draft horse heritage
while going forward one pull at a time"


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