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January/February 2012


2012 has arrived.  Happy New Year to All.

The QVHPC closed out 2011 with a flourish.  November saw winners in Edmonton and Yorkton.  Ron Sebastian and Ryan Sebastian attend the Northland horse pulls in Edmonton.  Ron, Ryan Cap & Red placed 1st in the middle weight; and then 2nd in the light weight class with Buster and Hoot pulling the load.  While Ron and Ryan were impressing the fine people of Edmonton, closer to home other members of the club were putting on their own show.  Yorkton hosted the club at their Harvest Hoedown.  Norman Vertefeuille and Earl Kashmere along with Kon and Ned, placed first in the two day over all pull.  The first place in middle weight went to Norman, Earl, Nip and Cody.  Wayne Nagy and Randy Banga with King and Queen in the harness took first in the light weight class.  Agribition ended the season with the QVHPC showing well.  Light weight; Middle weight and Heavy weight were won by Dennis Weinberger of Cohrane AB.  The clubs placing for the events were:

Light weight, 2nd; Brain Martin and Dale Scrochenski – Pride and Red; 3rd Ron Sebastian and Ryan Sebastian – Buster and Hoot; Middle weight, 2nd Ron Sebastian and Ryan Sebastian – Cap and Red; 3rd Wayne Nagy and Randy Banga - King and Queen;  Heavy weight, 2nd Norman Vertefeuille and Earl Kashmere – Ned and Kon .  Weights and distances are available (see below).  Congratulations go out to the drivers, evener people and teams.

Four Saskatchewan communities have made plans for 2012.  Duval, Whitewood, Findlater and Swan River had already booked the QVHPC for the 2012 season.   The Calgary Stamped is in July.  Immediately following this is the North American Belgian Championship in Brandon MB. July 18th to 20th.   A number of the club’s members are planning on attending.  The calendar is filling up fast, so be sure and contact the clubs president as soon as you can if you want the club at your community event.

Have you already made you New Year’s Resolution?  Broken it?  About 92% of all resolutions aren’t kept.  Is your resolution to trying something new, exciting?  Seeing new places and meeting new people?  Mainly done outside?  You think you’d like to take up horse pulling but don’t know where to start?  You will likely know the basics from attending some of the horse pulls put on by the club.  Talk to any of the members of the QVHPC, they will be more than happy to share information about their wonderful sport and provide Horse Pulling 101 for you.  Before committing to horses and harness, you must be willing to be totally committed to this sport.  Keeping these wondrous horses in top notch shape takes a lot of time and energy.  You can’t just pull them out of the pasture and go pulling.  This causes injuries to the horses and possibly people. Probably very serious injuries.  Safety of both animals and people top the list for the QVHPC.  .  Plus not being in top condition will keep you out of the winner’s circle.  Horses will need to be bought so you’ll need to decide if you want to take on Belgian or Percheron.  The weight division you will enter in must be decided.  If you have a preference you will need to purchase you horses accordingly.  Heavy weights are the most maintenance free.  They can eat as much as they want.  Light and middle weight need to keep on a strict diet to maintain the required weight. Purchasing the horses is your biggest investment.  What do you look for –

        Good joints
        Straight legs
        Well developed solid chest and hips
        Lastly is Heart.  If you can be lucky enough to own a team with heart you are already at the top of your class!

Gerald Hendry wrote an article for the Belgian Banner about the QVHPC which includes what contributes to a good pulling team (see below).

Available on the club’s website are links to the 2012 Calgary Stampede.  It is the 100th anniversary of the stampede which means a lot will be happening that week.  Check for tickets so you can take part in the festivities.  Also is a link to the North American Belgian Championship.

To book the club for your next event or if you would like information about the club, please contact Norman Vertefeuille @ 306-731-3108 or e-mail QVHPC@yahoo.ca.

Wilma Olmsted
Photos by Prairie Wind Photography

"Preserving our draft horse heritage
while going forward one pull at a time"


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2011 Agribition Results


1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 8,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)

2nd - Brain Martin & Dale Scrochenski 8,500 lbs - 154”
3rd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 8,500 lbs - 91”
4th - Kim Hewalo & Earl Kashmere 7,000 lbs - 47”
5th - Brad Dunn & Dave Lockert 4,000 lbs - 14”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 9,500 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Ron Sebastian & Ryan Sebastian 9,500 lbs - 114”
3rd - Wayne Nagy & Randy Banga 9,500 lbs - 55”
4th - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 9,000 lbs - 16”
5th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 8,000 lbs - 98”
6th - Larry Klein & Kelly Ross 7,000 lbs - 25”
7th - Paul Geray & Bob Tabatt 6,500 lbs - 73”

1st - Dennis Weinberger & James Gaudry 10,000 lbs - 168” (full distance)
2nd - Norman Vertefeuille & Earl Kashmere 10,000 lbs - 18”
3rd - Hank Geray & Paul Geray 9,000 lbs - 160”
4th - Bob Piesinger & Trevor Kolb 9,000 lbs - 158”
5th - Dave Stutt & Cindy Stutt 8,000 lbs - 42”
6th -
Leonard Carfantan  7,500 lbs - 35”
7th - Laverne Friesen & Dave Wiebe 6,500 lbs - 168”  **

**Laverne Friesen hooked to 7,500 lbs but stepped over the line, so goes back to previous pull

Click here to for Agribition photos

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